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The metaverse biennale of Graffiti & Street Art

Breaking the walls

For centuries, the art domain was ruled and shaped mainly by a single non-artistic factor: real estate. It sounds odd, doesn’t it? 

Artists have been limited to physical spaces that came with a heavy price tag for decades. Whereas curators were forced to repeatedly appoint the most influential artists to fill up the spaces to bring enough footfall and transactions to cover those costs. The financial barrier amounted to a lifetime of some hidden gems. It is time to break those walls and bring honorable artists into the spotlight.

Street and graffiti artists rebelled against this; they hacked public spaces and took any possible chance to fill available walls with their creations, with all the risks. A new art form was born. It was a challenge and almost a war between institutional well-defined art and the free form of expression that no one sees as a kind of art.

Now comes the metaverse, a new world with no physical limitations and, obviously, no streets or walls.


We are aiming to bring real-life street art experience into the metaverse. Together, we will turn StreetLess B22 into a true-to-life experience by displaying the sketches of your work progressively, step by step, till you reach the final stage. Share with the world the steps your creative process goes through before you reveal the final artwork.

  • It is an initiative to experiment with something new to provide you with an environment where you can safely create your modern graffiti and street art to showcase this new reality’s potential and possibilities. 
  • We welcome Djs, videographers, animators and musicians, along with all other street artists. It is time to go live in the Metaverse.
  • By being part of a global group of artists, you will be able to deliver a strong message about the change in the art industry and inspire artists worldwide to start testing this new route.
  • The project aims to establish a real, living street experience in the unreal StreetLess space, where artists and fans can hang out, meet, celebrate and create.

Why ISOBlock?

“A haunting urban space built to be experienced in the metaverse on, where everyone from street artists, photographers, graffiti artists, and painters can gather, host events, display their NFTs, and explore.

Inspired by the work of nomadic photographer trashhand (, ISOBlock is made for those that have never had the opportunity to explore abandoned buildings or forgotten locations.

This space may not be futuristic but it is real, it exists. This space is designed for those who don’t crave white wall architecture. A space for the gritty and unpolished. One man’s trash is another man’s canvas.”