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Metaverse Biennale 2022

The first of its kind, art biennale in the metaverse, 138 artists from 40 countries joined in an overwhelming experience.

At Beta stage

Immersive platform for artists and art enthusiasts. is in fianal MVP stages, the first beta launch will take place in London, UK, second quarter 2024.

Stay tuned, engage with a platform that redefines the digital art space, making it more inclusive, rewarding, and collaborative for all. register your interest to be among the first wave of beta users.

Metaverse art activities

Streetless B2022

The metaverse biennale of Graffiti & Street Art, was an initiative to experiment with a new way for artists to create modern graffiti and street art that showcase this new reality’s potential and possibilities.

At Design and prototype stage


Experimental project to explore unconventional possibilities of the emerging LLMs artificial intelligence technologies.