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AlterSapiens LTD.

Your “Alter” Technology partner

Tomorrow’s future, today!

AlterSapiens LTD. is a leading creative technology lab, dedicated to addressing real-world challenges and shaping the future of business and society. Our team of innovators, thinkers, technologists, and designers work collaboratively to conceptualize and create solutions that are future-ready.

By envisioning a broad concept of metaverse; we’re about harnessing the power of technology, artificial intelligence, and immersive experiences to disrupt traditional paradigms and create value. Our commitment is to build a future where digital solutions seamlessly integrate with physical realities, ensuring that businesses and individuals are equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Why “Alter”?

The term “Alter” signifies transformation, enhancement, modification, and change. At AlterSapiens, we believe in the power of technology to bring about profound transformations in various sectors.

[ Alter = Transform ]

Let’s envision a world where technology serves as a catalyst for personal and societal transformation, enabling individuals and businesses to reimagine their potential and redefine their paths.

[ Alter = Enhance ]

The team expertise lies in harnessing the latest technological advancements to enhance human capabilities, transcending traditional boundaries and elevating experiences.

[ Alter = Modify ]

Empower users to modify and personalize their experiences, giving them the tools and knowledge to shape their future.

[ Alter = Change ]

At the forefront of driving change, pioneering new industries, and introducing innovative economic models that reshape the way we think, work, and interact.

Thirty years ago, the web began its journey, and since then, we’ve experienced an incredible evolution – from simple informational websites to the advanced functionalities we enjoy today. However, like any web, it has grown weary over time and must transform into something new, distinct, and capable of meeting the needs and desires of future generations.

Whether you call it the Metaverse, Web3, Web3.0, blockchain, NFT, decentralization, ai or any of the trending techs from recent years, it doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that the current web no longer suffices, and we must advance toward something different. It is time to explore an alternative Altered Reality! Are you ready?

Meet our c-suite Droid team



Bryan is always curious about the world around them and is eager to learn new things. This helps them to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies, and to generate new and innovative ideas. Leads the design thinking practices.



CX Expert, with 10+ years in customer experience consulting, with a focus on the public sector. Cathy is a core player when it comes to building community based solutions by passionately deploy human-centric thinking and processes.



Kim have the power to make a real difference in the world. She use her skills to build innovative products and services that solve real problems and improve people’s lives. She is also a great mentor/coach using her skills to teach others and help them to develop their own.



Lorenzo is a professional Film Script Writer with decades of experience in film and content creation, with a focus on business and marketing, passionate about modern communication methods and leading the marcomms efforts for AlterSapiens LTD. and sub projects.

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AlterSapiens lTD.

You think it is time for your business to explore the potential of tomorrow’s technologies today? Or to discover how your altered business model would be? This is a great time to engage with a partner that understand business challenges and bring advanced tech vision and expertise to the table. Contact us now to start the conversation.