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Conversational AI experimental project

By AlterSapiens CreativeTech Lab

April , 2023 to date

Ai conversational character trained on specific matters

What if?” This is the question! in this interesting time we live in nowadays.

Have you ever wondered what would be if one of the great philosophers of ancient times visit our present? how may they reflect on our actuality? how may they see us? what would be their reaction to modern dilemmas?

That was the trigger behind this experimental project:

  • The team selected Plato for two reasons, firstly because we admire the man, and secondly, because his heritage is well preserved with 31 books managed to survive time and reach our hands.
  • We created a learning model combining several language models and training mechanisms. Train on Plato’s 31 books in addition to selected history references to give him an idea about the progress humankind accomplished in two millenniums.
  • Created a chat interface and provided the model with conversation memory to enable Plato to engage in dialogues. and Voila!

Plato.x Works

Tomorrow’s Polis: The New Republic: AI Plato Dialogues in the Digital Age

Paperback – 31 Dec. 2023

ISBN: 9798867438692

Imprint: Independently published

In the ‘Tomorrow’s Polis: AI Plato Dialogues in the Digital Age,’ we are invited to a modern symposium, a convening of the brightest minds to explore the profound transformation of society in the age of the internet and blockchain technologies. Inspired by the classic work of Plato, this dialogue examines the enduring questions of justice, education, governance, and the role of art, casting them into the vibrant and ever-evolving realm of digital existence. Join Socrates and his fellow interlocutors—Theaetetus the coder, Diotima the ethical stateswoman, Gorgias the master of digital rhetoric, and Glaucon the eager seeker of wisdom—as they weave through a tapestry of issues from the pursuit of truth in a sea of information to the harmonic balance of privacy and community engagement. Just as the original ‘Republic’ offered a vision of an ideal city grounded in philosophical ideals, the ‘Tomorrow’s Polis’ constructs a vision of a virtual city founded upon the cardinal virtues and adapted to the challenges of the modern world. As we weave through conversations of digital guardianship, the evolution of cryptocurrencies, and the transformative power of virtual art and culture, ‘Tomorrow’s Polis’ presents a vision for a society that embraces the potential of Web3 while remaining steadfast to the timeless pursuit of the Good Life. This book is an essential compass for navigating the uncharted waters of our digital future, bridging the wisdom of the ancients with the possibilities of tomorrow.